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We are fine colored gemstone suppliers located in the United States and specialize in only fine quality genuine loose colored gemstones with an emphasis in sapphires of all colors of the rainbow in every shade of sapphire as well as many other fine quality colored gems such as garnets of all types including Tsavorite, spessartite, rhodolite, malaya etc, Tourmaline including rubellite, chrome tourmaline , bi-color tourmaline, etc., peridot, amethyst, aquamarine, spinel and many more.  We have over 30 years of experience in the fine color gemstone business and now we can pass our fgemstone expertise to you.  We have Gemologists in house to assist you with you natural fine color gemstone needs whether you are looking for color gemstone for an engagement ring for an alternative to the traditional diamond wedding jewerly or perhaps an rare investment gemstone.  

We have a vast fine color gemstone inventory from for you to choose from so if you don't see it online yet...let us know.  If we have what your looking for we'll promptly put it up online for your's that simple!  We take pride in providing you exactly what your

We also provide the service of color matching and suite preparation and layout. When it comes to loose colored gemstones we can provide you with a lovely single stone or a complete suite. We are Gemologists and have many years experience. Thanks for looking!!

Loose Round Blue Spinel $253.00
2.53 ct
Loose Round Blue Sapphire $1,328.00
0.83 ct
2.04 ct
0.76 ct
1.18 ct
2.32 ct
3.93 ct
Loose Oval Red Ruby $1,496.00
0.88 ct
0.88 ct
2.19 ct
1.89 ct
Loose Oval Precious Topaz $2,256.00
9.40 ct
1.60 ct
0.46 ct
Loose Round Red Ruby $1,342.00
0.61 ct
0.88 ct
Loose Oval Red Ruby $4,360.00
1.09 ct
1.49 ct
Loose Round Blue sapphire $1,120.00
0.80 ct
0.67 ct
Loose Round Blue Zircon $1,893.60
2.63 ct
2.18 ct
1.15 ct
1.77 ct
1.90 ct
1.76 ct
1.18 ct
4.28 ct
1.77 ct
2.38 ct
0.63 ct
1.23 ct
1.28 ct
1.41 ct
9.50 ct
0.76 ct

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