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What is a Chakra?

Chakras - meaning wheel or turning in Sanskrit - are energy points in the human body which focus on the connection between spiritual, emotional and mental energy and our physical being. The concept of Chakra features in tantric and yogic traditions that have been practiced in Hinduism, Buddhism and other belief systems for over a thousand years.

Today, although there have been known to be hundreds of Chakras in the human body, the focus is on the primary 7 Chakras. The seven Chakras (described below) are located aligned in an ascending column from the base of the spine to the top of the head and associated with a certain color. The function of the Chakras is to spin and draw in this energy to keep the spiritual, mental, emotional and physical health of the body in balance through practices such as Reiki, aromatherapy, yoga, meditation, color therapy, sound therapy, crystal and gemstone therapy to name a few. In addition, the 7 chakras can be enhanced and stimulated by the use of gemstones, crystals or wearing a piece of gemstone jewelry in the chakra colors.

What are the 7 Chakra colors?

The 7 Chakra colors are red, orange, yellow, green or pink, blue or indigo, purple or violet or white -- the Chakra stones, and the chakra meanings in detail are described below.

Since our interest lies in providing you the information on  how the color of gems and the type of  gemstones affects one chakra or all seven chakras, our focus will be on how wearing color gemstone jewelry or handling color stones, mineral or gemstone crystals can activate the positive emotional and healing traits of each individual chakra.

What are the seven Chakras?

  1. The First Chakra- Root Chakra or Base Chakra: Survival - represents our foundation, being physically there and feeling grounded.
    Chakra color: Red
    Location: Base of spine in tailbone area.
    Chakra healing:
    • Emotional issues: Survival issues such as financial independence, food and the right to exist, ability to stand up for oneself and security issues.
    • Imbalances: Anemia, depression, fatigue, frequent colds, lower back pain, sciatica.
    Root Chakra stones: Ruby, garnet, rhodolite garnet, almandine garnet, pyrope garnet, red jasper, blood stone, fire opal, red tourmaline ( rubellite ), red coral, hematite, smokey quartz, onyx, rhodochrosite
  2. The Second Chakra- Sacral chakra or Spleen Chakra: Feelings
    Chakra color: Orange
    Location: Lower abdomen, below the navel.
    Chakra healing:
    • Emotional issues: The right to feel and our connection and ability to accept others and new experiences. Ability to be social, intimate, passionate and sexual.
    • Imbalances: Alcohol and drug abuse, asthma or allergies, candida & yeast infections, depression, eating disorders, frigidity, impotency, low back pain, sensuality issues, urinary problems.
    Sacral Chakra stones: Carnelian, orange sapphire, madiera citrine, spessartite garnet, orange moonstone, fire opal
  3. The Third Chakra- Solar Plexus Chakra or Navel Chakra: Personal power
    Chakra Color: Yellow
    Location: Solar plexus, above the navel, stomach area
    Chakra healing:
    • Emotional issues: Being assertive and/or asserting yourself in a group, self-confidence, self-worth and feeling in-control.
    • Imbalances: Colitis, constipation, digestive problems, diabetes, hypoglycemia, nervousness, parasites, poor memory, toxicity, ulcers.
    Sacral Chakra stones: Citrine, topaz, lemon quartz, yellow sapphire, grossularite garnet, tiger eye
  4. The Fourth Chakra- Heart chakra or Navel chakra: Relationships - The right to love.
    Chakra Color:Green or pink
    Location: Center of the chest, above the heart
    Chakra healing:
    • Emotional issues: Love, forgiveness, compassion, inner peace and self acceptance.
    • Imbalances: Breathing disorder, breast cancer, chest pain, immune system problems, heart disease, high blood pressure, muscular tension, passivity
    Heart Chakra stones: Emerald, tourmaline, watermelon tourmaline, green tourmaline, pink tourmaline, tsavorite garnet, grossularite garnet,adventurine, green onyx, malachite, peridot, rose quartz, rhodochrosite, pink sapphire, green sapphire, chrysoprase, labradorite, green opal
  5. The Fifth Chakra- Throat Chakra: Relationships - Truthful communication.
    Chakra Color: Blue
    Location: Throat
    Chakra healing:
    • Emotional issues: Self-expression and truthful expression of one-self and one's beliefs, the ability to communicate.
    • Imbalances: Fevers, flu, infections, hyperactivity, problems with the mouth, jaw, tongue and neck, swollen glands and thyroid imbalances. and hormonal disorders such as bloating, mood swings and menopause.
    Throat Chakra stones: Turquoise, Lapis Lazuli, aquamarine, sodalite, amazonite, apatite, blue chalcedony, blue topaz
  6. The Sixth Chakra- The Third Eye Chakra or Brow Chakra: Intuition
    Chakra Color: Indigo
    Location: Forehead between the eyes
    Chakra healing:
    • Emotional issues: Trusting one’s intuition and insights, realizing hidden and repressed negative thoughts, the ability to visualize and focus on life's big picture, self-realization.
    • Imbalances: Blindness, vision, headaches, migraines, earaches, sleep disorders, nightmares, fear, manic depression, anxiety, schizophrenia, paranoia, equilibrium
    Third Eye Chakra stones: Blue sapphire, lapis lazuli, iolite, azurite, sodalite, kyanite
  7. The Seventh Chakra- The Crown Chakra: Wisdom - The highest Chakra
    Chakra Color: Violet
    Location:Top of the head
    Chakra healing:
    • Emotional issues: Dedication to the divine consciousness and trusting the universe, fully connected with one’s spirituality and the concept of “God” or our higher power.
    • Imbalances: Coordination problems, epilepsy, headaches, mental illness, senility, right or left brain disorders, skin rashes, varicose veins.
    Crown Chakra stones: Amethyst, flourite, purple sapphire,charoite, lavender jade

Although the information above is mainly on the 7 chakras there are many attributes on how the aura of particular gemstones and the colors of gemstones relate to our psyche, health and well being. The energy and aura of each particular gemstone can affect our emotions and feelings and can be quite powerful and enlightening. In addition, we feel that when gemstones either through direct contact or through the enhancement of precious metals touch our skin directly this maximizes their effects. Ultimately the way gemstones, minerals, crystals or gemstone jewelry affect your emotional, spiritual and physical being is a personally experience.

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