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Blue Sapphires are traditional, classic, royal , timeless and the most well known sapphire color. We carry every shade of blue sapphire in traditional shapes such as oval, cushion , round , pear shape,trillion etc, in addition to unique cuts and shapes including buff tops, cabochons and briolettes. Many award winning jewelry designers & manufacturers use NAFCO blue sapphires for their jewelry collections such as a single loose fine blue sapphire for engagement rings, blue sapphire rings or a perfectly matched pair for blue sapphire earrings.

We also stock blue sapphires in every shade of blue ranging from light blue to cornflower blue - sometimes referred to as Ceylon blue sapphire - all the way to deep fine velvety blue sapphires - sometimes referred to as Kashmir blue sapphire - including our calibrated diamond cut round and princess cut square fine blue sapphire melee.

The blue sapphires displayed online are just a handful of our inventory we have in stock and we are currently uploading inventory regularly. We would be happy to assist you with all your blue sapphire needs. Please give us a call today at 800-528-4490 or click here to inquire about our blue sapphires.

Loose Round Blue Sapphire $1,328.00
0.83 ct
Loose Round Blue sapphire $1,120.00
0.80 ct

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