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This rich very fine (gem) AAA quality diamond cut 1.50 millimeter round rainbow sapphire line suite consists of six sapphires including purple sapphire, blue sapphire, green sapphire, yellow sapphire, orange sapphire and one round red ruby. This 1.50 mm rainbow sapphire melee suite / parcel is a matched ready to be set for a rainbow sapphire ring, necklace or you can order two sets that we will match to make rainbow sapphire earrings.

Special requests suites are also available in rainbow sapphires matched to fit your design needs. i.e- loose rainbow sapphires for rainbow sapphire halo, rainbow sapphire tennis bracelets, rainbow sapphire pendants etc. Please contact us to inquire if you need specific size and quantity other then what is listed.  

Note:  Weight per size will vary slightly from suite to suite based on actual stones picked for each rainbow sapphire line. Below is an approximate carat total weight for the entire six stone parcel of rainbow sapphires per millimeter size:

1.5 mm - .12 ctw
1.7 mm - .18 ctw
2.0 mm - .24 ctw 
2.2 mm - .36 ctw
2.5 mm - .54 ctw
2.7 mm - .60 ctw 
3.0 mm - .90 ctw
3. 2 mm - .96 ctw
3.3 mm - 1.08 ctw 

Note:  Pictures shown are a representation of the gemstones you will receive. The image is not actual size and not necessarily the gemstones you will receive however they are a very good representation of the ones that will be chosen by our Gemologists for you.

BIRTHSTONE: Sapphire September Birthstone ANNIVERSARY: Sapphire is the 5th anniversary gemstone, 7th anniversary gemstone, 10th anniversary gem, 45th anniversary gemstone, 65th anniversary gemstone, 70th anniversary gem and 75th anniversary gemstone

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