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Carat Weight:

  • Round Gemstones
  • Cushion Gemstones
  • Oval Gemstones
  • Emerald-Cut Gemstones
  • Square Gemstones
  • Pear Shape Gemstones
  • Marquise Gemstones
  • Heart Shape Gemstones
  • Trillion Gemstones
  • Triangle Gemstones
  • Fancy Shape Gemstones
  • Baguette Gemstones
  • Briolette Cut Gemstones
  • Cab Gemstones
  • Buff-Top Gemstones
  • Rose-Cut Gemstones

The color pink represents universal love and combines the energy of red with the potential fullness of white. Pink symbolizes caring, tenderness, self- worth, love and acceptance and is often associated with femininity, love and beauty.

Pink caring, tenderness, self-worth 

Light Pink femininity, love and beauty

Magenta / Fushia  neutralize disorder and violence

Wear Pink Gemstones to...

  • calm feelings
  • neutralize disorder or protection from violence
  • promote self worth
  • stimulate love and beauty

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