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Carat Weight:

  • Round Gemstones
  • Cushion Gemstones
  • Oval Gemstones
  • Emerald-Cut Gemstones
  • Square Gemstones
  • Pear Shape Gemstones
  • Marquise Gemstones
  • Heart Shape Gemstones
  • Trillion Gemstones
  • Triangle Gemstones
  • Fancy Shape Gemstones
  • Baguette Gemstones
  • Briolette Cut Gemstones
  • Cab Gemstones
  • Buff-Top Gemstones
  • Rose-Cut Gemstones

The color blue represents sky and sea. Blue is commonly associated with tranquility, calmness, trust, loyalty wisdom, intelligence, faith and truth. Blue is considered beneficial to the mind and body as it is known to slow the metabolism and produce a calming effect

Blue calming, loyalty and wisdom

Light blue health, healing, tranquility and understanding

Dark blue  knowledge, power and integrity

Wear Blue Gemstones to...

  • be more calm and relaxed especially during difficult times
  • enhance quality of communication
  • expand perspective in learning new information
  • increase solitude and peace
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